Zikorean Poetry, Structural Limitations and Syllables Count

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan
2 min readOct 23, 2021


"Maximum lines six" were fixed for the contest to bound and facilitate the participants. It was not the general rule.

Generally, the maximum number of Zikets in a Zikelite and the maximum number of Zikets and Zinets are not fixed in the Zeelite poems. Similarly, the maximum number of Zinets in a Zinlite is not fixed.

The maximum number of syllables is fixed for Ziket and Zinet poetic forms.

To change the maximum number of syllables in the Ziket or Zinet poems is subjected to the violation of rules regarding Zikorean literature.

According to the Zikorean English Dictionary and the research thesis 'About Me at a Glance' published on a leading forum 'Poetry Corner' of Allpoetry site,

A Ziket has 6 to 13 syllables in 2 poetic lines the first line has 1 to 8 syllables, and the second line has 1 to 5 syllables (1-8,1-5) or vice versa depends upon the mood and revelation of the poet. It is a shorter poetic form than Haiku, while Haiku has 17 syllables in 3 poetic lines (5,7,5). Consisting upon a total of 2 syllables: 1 syllable in each poetic line, a poem is the shortest 'Ziket' in English or the world.
A poem consisting of one poetic line is said to be a 'Zinet' shorter poetic form than Ziket. A 'Zinet' has 1 to 5 syllables. One syllable Zinet is said to be the shortest poetic form in English literature

Dr. Zik

Jhelum Pakistan

October 23, 2021



Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

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