‘Zikorean' A Term without Bias

The term Zikorean is not related to any country, language, religion, caste, creed, folk, tribe, pressure group, radicalism, conscpirancy, or any type of discrimination. Talking about its nomenclature, it is about the international literature, linked with my name "Dr. Zik" as an inventor. It has become worldly famous as the poets, writers and scholars from all the countries have adopted it and started writing regarding its rules. I have defined it after the largest research work in the world and started this journey, through the English language. I have affirmed it in my research thesis "About Me at a Glance" published in an international forum "Poetry Corner" and has got above 90 % in favor votes.

Now, it's on other scholars to introduce it to the other languages in the world to develop the common amuse, and interest of poets, writers, scholars, and readers whose language is other than English.

The article "Who is Zikorean?" provides a lot of information.

Zikorean is the name of a light which has lightened the two writing trends: firstly, "Ziket" and secondly, "Zinet". By the use of these two trends, we can find five types of poems in English or any other language: Ziket, Zikelite, Zinet, Zinelite and Zeelite.
Now it has resulted in a literary revolution.

Dr. Zik
The inventor of Zikorean literature
Jhelum Pakistan
October 21, 2021



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Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.