Critical Structural Analysis Of The Poem ‘Biographical Memoir' Written By Razz From Florida United States.

Dr Zik the inventor of Zikorean Literature from Jhelum Pakistan Asia

These two lines profoundly written by Razz are like Ziket poem a popular poetic form in Zikorean literature. I like these lines and read them many times. The short poem "Biographical Memoir" gives deep thought to the readers. Although the poet has not shown its form but we can assume that the flower bed of this poem has been irrigated with the pure water of Zikorean writing style.
That’s the logical point, a reader can nominate the writer, a Zikorean poet. It’s true, as the rules say in section - 1, in the article 'Who is Zikorean?'

Analysis Of The Poem 'Biographical Memoir'

Nothing ever Happened. (L1 - 6 syllables)
Nothing. (L2 - 2)

Dr. Zik
19 Feb 2022
2nd Phase
Jhelum Pakistan Asia


Metrical schemes of Ziket.
Who is Zikorean?
Terms and titles
The branches of Zikorean English literature.
Zikorean literature structural limitations
About me at a glance>
Structural Appreciation of the poem "Woman Work"
8. Ziket Versus Haiku
9. Who is Zikorean?
10. Biographical Memoir



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Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.