A Response from Dr. Zik

Dr. Zik. the inventor of Zikorean English literature.

I like it Joebrazeau. You have explained a noteworthy comparison between Haiku and Zikorean poetic forms. I am sure a reader will be inspired deeply by reading your live example. Poets from all over the world have been rushing to adopt the Zikorean writing style since 2015 (since the day first of the rebirth of this significant writing spell). There is not a single true scholar who would not be inspired by our sincere invitation towards the transparent Zikorean literature. Zikorean poetic forms are the names of common writing trends among the famous poets in the past like William Shakespeare, John Donne, William Whitman, Rabindranath Tagore (laureate, honored on 1913), Robert Frost (laureate 1958-59, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Congressional Gold Medal), Dr. Maya Angelou 
(Pulitzer Prize), William Strickland Gillilan, and Ted Hughes a laureate in 1984. We can assume that they were writing unconsciously for the future, and today, we adopt those styles as a gift from them. No doubt, it is also a common writing style found in the poems written unconsciously by many poets including Simon Robert Armitage, a Laureate honored in 2019 and professor of poetry at Leads University UK. Nowadays, millions of poets have been writing Zikorean poetry in a full zest for many years. The number of Zikorean countries in the world is 176 out of 193 sovereign states registered from UNO. In this way, Zikorean literature is being rapidly spread with 91 % success. When the spring comes, everyone enjoys the beauty of flowers in the garden except the blind person who remains deprived due to his handicap. But I am sure, he would be blessed with the sweet smell of beautiful flowers, and can not deny the fact.
Based on the aforementioned facts your arrival is a noteworthy addition to Zikorean literature and great literary service.

Dr. Zik
2nd phase
15 January 2022


Note: It was a response by Dr Zik from Pakistan to the article “Zikorean English Literature is Need of the Day” written by a great Zikologist, poet and writer, Joebrazeau from California, United States.

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.

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Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.

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