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A Critical Review By Dr. Zik on the Poem “You Never Can Tell”

Composed by Famous Poet Jon Nakapalau from California, United States.

Dr. Zik the inventor of Zikorean Poetry in English from Jhelum Pakistan
Jon Nakapalau

I like these inspiring lines of the poem “You Never Can Tell” written by Jon_Nakapalau from California on Wednesday, 7 July 2021.

I am talking about the structural point of view. Jon used both the modern and short poetic forms Ziket and Zinet in this poem. He starts his poem with Zinet then Ziket, Ziket, and ends it with the use of Zinet. In this way, this poem is a masterpiece of Jon Nakapalau. So it can be said that Joh Nakapalau is a great admirer of Zik forms and in the near future, he would be the prominent poet among the famous Ziketeers and Zineteers of the world.

The structural presentation of the poem:

what others were told

(Zinet: 5 syllables out of maximum 5 ones)

so it becomes really hard

to tell anything to anyone

(without Zik forms)

if in the telling

you do not remember

(Ziket: The first line contains 5 syllables out of a maximum of 8 ones and the second line consists of 5 syllables out of a maximum 5 ones if Jon reconsider don’t for do not)

that others are telling

things about you

(Ziket: The first line contains 6 syllables out of a maximum of 8 ones and the second line consists of 4 syllables out of a maximum of 5 ones)

that you have yet to be told

(This line is near to Zinet and it would be exactly a Zinet having 4 syllables if Jon consider it without “that” and “yet”. Then the poetic line would be “you have to be told”)

Jon has used Zik Style (Ziket & Zinet) in 6 poetic lines out of 8 ones. In this way, he has used 75 % Zik style as Dr. Maya Angelou did 100 % in the poem “Tears” unconsciously.

By the use of short and modern poetic forms, the poet can be discussed and praised among the famous Ziketeers of the world.

Jon has done it unconsciously with the use of his own modern writing style. Congrats to Jon on this masterpiece.

Dr. Zik

from Jhelum (The land of scholars and poets)




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Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.