(Dr Zik the inventor of Zikorean English Literature from Jhelum Pakistan)



orange, autumn's color

that carpets the ground

and I walk through leaves

thinking about spring . . .

leaving the leaves

a good thing

for my back

and the grass


It's like a voice of every ❤️ heart. No one want to stay in autumn. Diane AH, your use of metaphors 'carpet' for circumstances, 'walk' for struggle in life, and 'spring' for success at last, are matchless. These gems have made the poem wonderful.
I enjoyed reading this brevity.

Nicely done









دعا کے ساتھ علاج ضروری ھے۔

Child mortality today is the lowest it has ever been. In less than three decades child mortality has more than halved — from 12.5 million in 1990 to 5.2 million in 2019. This is a huge accomplishment that should not be overlooked.



Dr Zik the inventor of Zikorean English Literature.

Post Modern Era

Zikorean art
light in English literature

Ziklite is the best
in literary history

No one has started it
No one dare stop

it gives an ease to
understand or comprehend

joe, roy, li, rain, adikaran
vista to success

Dr Zik says
never quit in life

darkness shows worth of light
let be enlightened
I like these lines written in response to Joe Brazeau my great Zikorean fellow.
It's a Varied Zikelite written for encouragement

Dr Zik
8 Nov 2022





Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr Zik from Jhelum Pakistan

Dr. Zik is the inventor of Zikorean English literature. He is a poet and the author of 4 books on Amazon, 4 dictionaries, ducationist and journalist.